Library Vocabulary: Glossary of Library Phrases. Will there be a text one located on the selection’s internet site that doesn’t can be found in this glossary?

Library Vocabulary: Glossary of Library Phrases. Will there be a text one located on the selection’s internet site that doesn’t can be found in this glossary?

Using this glossary

Did you witness word in the room’s websites that lost one? Utilize this facts on come text widely used within the selection.

Can there be a statement a person on the collection’s web site which doesn’t appear in this glossary? Email Christal immature for help or perhaps to host the term added onto this variety.


This glossary was designed to show you words/terminology commonly used in an academic archive setting.

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Abstract: „an overview or concise review of information found in another lengthy services. An abstract might be supplied together with the citation to a work.“

Almanac: „1. A group, frequently yearly, of information and information, both latest and retrospective. Are extended in geographical and matter plans, or simply for some land or county and even to an unique matter. 2. An annual incorporating miscellaneous make a difference, like a calendar, the astronomical occasions, growing information, astrological predictions, and stories“ (classification from Yale University archive)

Annotation: „1. An email that describes, clarifies, or evaluates; specifically this a note put into an access in a bibliography, reviewing variety, or index. 2. means of creating these notes. Annotation could be the end product of producing these information.“ (Explanation from Colorodo County University Libraries)

Archives: „1. A space which houses historic or public record information. 2. The historic or public records by themselves, which can be non-circulating resources such as selections of private papers, unique products, ephemera, etc.“

Write-up: „a quick work—generally between 1 and 35 listings in length—on a topic. Often released within a diary, newspaper, or paper.“

Atlas: „a publication or likely number of routes, pictures, etc.; amount of routes, dishes, engravings, dining tables, etc., which may be accustomed come with a phrases; or it may be an impartial publication.“ (Definition from Colorodo State College Libraries)

Connection: „A separate document (e.g., text, program, graphical, cd, video clip) delivered with a contact content.“

Verification: „a security alarm procedure that usually uses usernames and accounts to confirm the identification of consumers before enabling these people accessibility some records.“

Publisher: „The person(s) or organization(s) that said or put together a report. Selecting facts under their publisher’s name is one choice in researching.“

Bibliography: „A list that contains citations with the information found in creating a research paper or any other paper.“ Find out in addition: guide.

E-book: „a fairly prolonged perform, commonly in one topic. Are print or automated.“

Reserve piles: „Shelves when you look at the archive exactly where materials—typically records—are accumulated. Courses inside book piles are usually arranged by contact numbers. Are labeled just given that the “stacks.”

Boolean operator: „A word—such as AND, OR, or NOT—that instructions some type of computer to mix search terms. Helps you to filter (AND, never) or broaden (as) searches.“

Web browser: „A software regimen that permits customers to access online budget. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox are generally browsers.“

Phone amounts „a small grouping of characters and/or rates that identifies a certain piece in a collection and gives a means for coordinating archive holdings. Two significant kinds of contact rates are Dewey Decimal phone call figures and Library of Congress label Numbers.“

Collection „a database (either online or in some recoverable format playing cards) noting and outlining the courses, publications, authorities information, audiovisual and various components presented by a collection. Different keywords enable you to search for products in the index.“

CD „an acronym for compact disc; its used in saving digital facts.“

Chat „a chance to talk to many, computer system to pc, via entered information.“

Take a look at: „To borrow/rent/loan/issue something from a collection for a hard and fast period of time if you wish to see, hear, or see it. Check-out periods differ by collection. Items is looked at at flow desk.“

Blood circulation table: „where through the room the place where you have a look at, restore, and get back library content. You should also put a hold, submit an item missing from shelves, or spend latter rates or fines around.“ Also referred to as credit table.

Citation „a mention of the a book, publication or journal document, and other work that contain what required to discover and find that actually work. A citation to an ebook therefore involves its publisher’s title, title, author and set of publication, and time of book.“

Influenced language: „refined terms and conditions found in looking around a specific website.“ Additionally find out: Descriptors, topic heading .

System reserve: „A selection of courses, reviews, videotapes, or other content that instructors need youngsters to learn or thought for a certain course. Print book items usually are keep in one area of archive and circulate just for a short span time.“ Read likewise: Electric book.

Collection: „an accumulation ideas stored in a digital structure that could be browsed by a computer.“

Descriptor „a keyword that describes the subject of a piece of writing or guide; included in lots of technology sources.“

Dial-up: „a computer device making use of phone traces that enables a pc to get into the world wide web or two computer to convey.“

Dissertation: „a protracted prepared treatment of an interest (like a novel) submitted by a grad beginner as a requirement for a doctorate.“

Data supply – a site that retrieves or photocopies know-how means for selection people.“ Likewise determine Interlibrary mortgage and paper distribution (IDD), our personal guide on USC’s contract sending program.