One of the greatest fears of males which has going balding is if female will continue to locate them attractive.

One of the greatest fears of males which has going balding is if female will continue to locate them attractive.

There are certainly people that claim the hairline does not matter in terms of bringing in lady, in addition to other individuals that talk about it matters, MUCH.

Merely exploring on line, you can find numerous (and striking) perspective regarding procedure:

As you care able to see, men and women have strong and polarizing thoughts within the issue.

But there’s not ever been AN EXTREME, SCIENTIFIC experiment to actually experience these statements!

Thus, all of us made a decision to determine whether the loss of hair actually has an effect on your chances with women with a mindful, data-driven have fun.

Most people would like to select a handy and effective way of gather information from countless lady, therefore we decided to operate the infamous online dating sites software Tinder.

If your wanting to continue reading – make sure to do you know what the final outcome of the try things out would be!

(after you achieve the end for this post you’ll see if you are correct.)

The Have Fun

We all going by producing two profiles of this very same individual – very same picture, same bio, etc.

simply – one visibility experienced the full head of hair, while the some other was actually going bald.

(The chap got balding in the initial number of photograph, and we photoshopped your to generate the account utilizing the whole tresses)

Most of us held every last variable belonging to the users constant except the hairlines to ensure that we can truly look at the effect with the various hairlines, without other aspects impacting the information.

Here you will find the Tinder kinds so you can actually start to see the difference in hairlines:

And here you can find the pertinent photos close up so you can get a level much closer look of the hairlines:

After the users had been specify a nd ready, we transformed the setting to display lady within an age group of 18-30 and a realistic space of 15 miles.

You picked that age group as it represents the majority of females on Tinder, plus most people wished ladies that have been a lot more picky when considering styles (as older ladies are apt to focus on various other personality).

Consequently we all acquired active swiping!

Our very own intention would be to achieve 10’000 swipes per page across 10 places, allowing it to be 1000 swipes per urban area. With 10’000 swipes, all of our information was mathematically immense to attract a sound judgment.

Most people was able to „go“ to every one of these simple different metropolitan areas by using a Tinder coins agreement, letting us all to improve the locale to anywhere most people wish.

Each member profile had a different sort of collection of 10 destinations to avoid confusion among ladies around considering that the profiles happened to be exactly the same (apart from your hair).

However, most people swiped in the same places or similar kind to get the more correct data achievable (for example London vs. Paris, Moscow vs. Saint Petersburg).

We all remained in each area for approximately a day to collect several fits because we would, next shifted to another one on the show.

In addition, you swiped close to each account we ran into to make the test as steady as is possible.

Precisely swiping would’ve triggered contradictory and altered data since range considerations for instance appeal is really subjective.

Per each match we acquired, you lingered a week to determine if the girl would initiate a conversation.

IF they failed to start a conversation around the seven-day stretch of time, we would trigger the chat ourselves with an uncomplicated „Hi“.

All of us consequently lingered another seven days then to ascertain if they will reply.


After checking out the preceding processes for all 20 spots (10 for each and every account), all of us experience the entire process of gathering the maximum amount of information once we could.

You measured the number of fits, discussions caused by women, and replies to discussions caused by all of us.

Most of us subsequently broke down the info by profile and urban area.

Last but not least we classified all things in a clear and systematic means.

The following is a review of our finding and two pie music charts revealing the primary parts within the info most people accumulated: