The cable guy’s tips: Technician claiming to focus for energy Warner line is definitely telling all on Reddit

The cable guy’s tips: Technician claiming to focus for energy Warner line is definitely telling all on Reddit

Somebody saying staying a moment Warner wire professional is spilling strategy on Reddit.

Hours Warner line, the second-largest supplier of TV and online sites in the us, advised Quartz that it is looking at the posts. “We’re not able to check when this individual is really a present or former personnel,” a spokesman said.

Reddit owner cableguy_the going an “Ask Me anything at all” (AMA) thread, uploading photo of his own identification banner and uniform as purported proof of his or her job. His own answers to the inquiries being available in are incredibly genuine. Here are some features (typos stored).

On Comcast’s impending acquiring period Warner Cable:

We wish the merger since the present crowd in control might be most awful in recent background. Many folks receiving terminated from difficult measurements. The electrical has been fond of service staff and stripped-down from the individuals who truly visit the homes and correct damage . It’s chaos and vendor is being operated like crap IMHO [in my personal modest advice].

On the stress between professionals and careers associates:

Yea client service staff and specialists are actually fighting a fight that no-one sees. All of us dread these people, these people despise united states. They determine buyers the issue is the tools whenever it hardly ever try. All of us determine customers to just dismiss the particular dude on the cellphone states because chances are really good, he’s got never ever bound a home, hung a drop or set line.

On what’s truly incorrect using your connection:

Don’t trust 50% of just what the associate on contact lets you know. Merely set up the techie. Let him capture. He’s done this before. The agent simply addresses phone. It’s almost NEVER the equipment leading to the concern.

To the formula to obtain best assistance:

Once a tech occurs ,ask for their managers numbers. Simply tell him it isn’t to lose him but to elevate something. He could dub their sup to make certain their awesome but that will help.

On what’s preventing much faster online get velocities:

Seriously, standard analogue line. It only takes all the way up sooo a lot of bandwidth . 1 network per frequency vs binding numerous wavelengths to provide 8 programming for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Even as we run 100per cent electronic tv.. online can get faster. Furthermore congestion. If you live around a college it’s any outcome . Grandma may also use her 15 meg for email and searching but small Johnny university teen takes in down the bandwidth in your neighborhood making use of netflix and torrenting and video gaming. Nevertheless these people pay out similar. IMHO what might deal with that is capping reports and providing every person uncapped speed.

On why splitting your very own line relationship is definitely an awful idea:

Investing in a splitter just to attenuate the indicator is basically stupid all of us even have items known as attenuators that do this without incorporating unwanted splitter. Yet it is correct that excessive sign is just as awful as deficiency of we refer to as that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA costs him or her his work:

I might be dismissed based on whom grabs me. I would will also get an additional benefit the so very hard to inform making use of the form this provider currently is designed.

As to how Wi-Fi signal is untrustworthy, might be vanquished by side and structure:

Sure best shown. Plaster structure particularly.Solid hardwood side, inside a garage after the device is included in the other flooring or likewise. Wi-fi is actually a fickle creature.

In your “broken” wire modem:

Yea I notice this a whole lot. I might state in confirmed year I would state 5per cent associated with the modems I changed had been really poor. You carry out a lot of pup and pony tv series and just exchange it anyhow. The problem is almost always definitely not products related. Modems either perform or these people dont. There does exist very very little among. They have been quite simple machines. We have series clients using my own laptop computer everything doing work escort services in Abilene all right, next shift into their own products and every single thing would go to shit. These people continue to demand a new modem..Its insanity.