It’s utilized a great deal to look for forgiveness or to demand authorization to start a location available whilst undergo the crowd.

It’s utilized a great deal to look for forgiveness or to demand authorization to start a location available whilst undergo the crowd.

Example: youre hiking by and you simply bundle into individuals, your say, Que pena amigo ?te lastime? (Im sad, do we injure a person?) or you ought to pass through everyone else and say, Que pena que pena (Excuse me, excuse me) in addition they quickly see they have to provide you with permission.

Its such one common Colombian slang that J. Balvin and Maluma, both from Medellin, experience the single Que Pena.


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Its one other way of speaking about lady.

In Spanish it signifies that woman try previous, but also in Colombia it is utilized to relate to a girl, even though she’s youthful.

Sample: Mira la vieja color buena(EN) check this out hot girl.


Among the best reasons for having taking a trip within this country is intending your food, specifically Colombian desserts.

Many of which can be very nice, so they tends to be considered hostigantes.

Example: Ese arroz con leche sera muy hostigante. (EN) That rice dessert is extremely nice.


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In Latin America Chino is often described for someone from Asia. But in Colombian slang kids are named Chino or girls China.

Illustration: Ese chino se puso a llorar otra vez. (EN) That teen began whining once again.


In Spanish furthermore, it ordinarily refers to the animals you discover in the wilderness with 2 humps.

In Colombia the word Camello is used to mention to work. Case: Al fin me personally salio camello ensenando ingles en una universidad. (EN) At long last obtained a job coaching English at a school.

As well as it indicates hump week, tends to make a lot more feeling with Colombian jargon.


Truly employed against somebody that is quite exhausted or insistent.

Situation: Este intenso no deja de llamarme. (EN) This annoying chap keeps contacting me personally.

Colombian Spanish Text That Arent So Nice

May discover these insults in Colombian vocabulary on some celebrations and considering where you may be.

You have to capture all things in setting to master once you are becoming insulted. Sometimes it may seem hideous, but may not entirely end up being an insult.

Hijueputa or Jueputa

This statement is typical throughout Colombia, anywhere you are going may hear this word loads, whenever you usually listen motherf*cker in french.

In Latin The united states, actually more common to listen hijo de puta, but in Colombia its taken as hijueputa or jueputa.

Often times it is made use of if things fails, but it is in addition utilized when you beat or choose to insult somebody.

Example: Noooo hijueputa we forgot to pay the electric bill or Este si es mucho hijueputa.


This Colombian jargon can be quite popular in Medellin. However, it try a Colombian keyword which furthermore utilized in the remainder of Colombia.

Gonorrea are commercially sexually transmissible issues. However in favorite Colombia it’s used as an insult.

Situation: Entonces que gonorreain several cases if you would like be more impolite, you can easily blend gonorrea with HijueputaEntonces que gonorrea hijueputa. (En) Something like, So just what, gonorrhea child of a b*tch.


This Spanish slang is located throughout Latin The country, however, the therefore varies from slight to a robust vilification.

In Colombia really somebody that is too sluggish or as well dumb.

Case: Este si es mucho huevon. (En) you are really quite foolish.


It Is Actually a word this is certainly considered someone who is actually defectively dressed, defectively talked and sounds disheveled, this word may be the contraction of Companero.

Sample: Que people brown nero(EN) What a scruffy people.


They refers simply to the operate of having sex, far away truly always follar, coger, etc.

In Colombia they normally use culear, even though it is not too great to mention. Like most f*ck, it is best that you understand but possibly make use of it simply amongst relatives.


Sapo is said to the meddlesome people.